Hello everybody, In this short tutorial you will learn, how to check if your computer or laptop has Bluetooth. In just a few steps.

Step #1 Go to start menu and type “Device Manager”

Step#2 Click on Device Manager, a separate window will be opened.

Device manager window

Step #3 Go to the network adapters section in the device manager and find the Word Bluetooth or Bluetooth radios.

Network adapters section of the device manager

If anything with word Bluetooth is there then your laptop has Bluetooth, otherwise, your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth. In my case, my computer does not have Bluetooth.If you really want to view this tutorial in the video, I have uploaded a video for your guidance

What to do next if you really need this thing?

If you really want to add Bluetooth functionality to your laptop or computer, the best option is to buy a USB Bluetooth adapter. It is a plug and plays a USB adapter for any computer or laptop.


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