If you are visiting this page, it means your steam is not working on windows machines. There are multiple method, but I will discuss Top 2 methods, after using these methods, which will resolve your problem, and your steam engine will start working as usual.

I am using Task bar method first because our second method depends on task bar. Additionally, Task bar method is more common method often used. Everyone know about task bar but If you don’t know about Task bar, please look at image or watch my video at the end. You just need to right click on task bar menu and click on task bar window as shown in the picture below.

Method #1. Open task bar and look for “Steam Client WebHelper”. If it exists, remove all. How we do that? Just right click on Steam Client WebHelper and click on end task, just mentioned in the image or in the video at the end.

After doing that, open STEAM and it will start working. If already tired this method, Try Method #2. I have resolved my issue with method number 2.

Method #2. This method depends on resting your network socket via CMD. If you did not see any instance running on task bar, it means you have socket problem. How do we reset network socket? Here are steps mentioned below.

Step#1. Click on Start menu and search CMD.

Step#2 Right click on CMD and click on RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

Step #3. Now type the Reset command. Command is “netsh winsock┬áreset” and then hit enter . Please remove inverted coma’s. This thing will open your steam.

Thanks for watching. Id it resolves your problem, you can share or subscribe my YouTube Channel. Thank you for visiting Technotidings.com


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